Florida Auto Insurance

Florida Auto Insurance requirements in Florida include $10,000 Property Damage coverage and $10,000 Personal Injury protection coverage, better known as PIP coverage. This coverage allows for the registration of a vehicle in Florida. The requirements in Florida do not include Bodily Injury Liability coverage. In the instance you are in an accident and found at fault of injury to an individual, and do not carry Bodily Injury coverage, you can now become liable for those injuries caused. Liability coverage is extremely important and needs to be considered when purchasing auto insurance in Florida.

Bundle Auto, Homeowners, Flood and Boat Insurance Products

Do you need Auto, Homeowners, Flood and Boat insurance? An independent agent offers the advantage of having all of your insurance needs met with one phone call. We can add a vehicle to your auto insurance, change your mailing address on your homeowners insurance and increase the value of your boat within minutes. Has your insurance renewal gone up? As an independent agent, we have access to many companies and can obtain multiple quotes for each insurance need. You no longer have to make numerous phone calls in order to receive the best coverage. Independent insurance agents have the advantage of quoting it all in office with your best interest in mind.

Boat Insurance

Insuring your boat helps you to enjoy your time on the water rather than worry about the unexpected. Do I have agreed value or actual cash value? How can I protect my fishing gear?  How far off the coast can I travel? Bring these questions to your independent insurance agent so you can make an informed decision about your boat insurance. Do you reside elsewhere but keep your boat in Florida and need Florida boat insurance? Independent insurance agents can get you covered!

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is not covered on your homeowners insurance policy. Rising water is one of the top insurance claims in Florida. There are many options to include flood coverage in the state of Florida. A separate flood insurance policy can cover such loss. Many homeowners insurance companies are now offering a flood endorsement to your current homeowners coverage. This coverage is a small price to pay for such a devastation to your property. Whether you are in a flood zone or not, there is always a chance of flooding in the sunshine state.

Ordinance or Law coverage

Ordinance or Law coverage will include the increased costs you incur to repair damaged structures or to construct a replacement structure to comply with the enforcement of any local, state or federal , ordinance or regulation.


If replacement Cost coverage is included or added to the Homeowners policy, loss settlement will be based on the cost to repair or replace your home.